Optojump Next 2D System

Optojump Next 2D System

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Starting from version 1.8 of the OptoJump Next software it is possible to use a particular bar configuration for obtaining a two-dimensional measurement area. To the classic bars (which we will call X), more bars (Y) can be added to form a rectangle (min. 1x1, max 6x6 mt.).

The regular OptoJump Next bars have a maximum transmission/reception distance of 6 metres; with this hardware, you can use at the most 5 meters of 'X' bars and approx. 50 cm of room with the 'Y' bars.

The regular closing Y TX bar is usually a bar WITHOUT an interface drum. Updating the firmware of the TX bar with drum (already included with all articles having a serial number higher than 00500) this last hardware type can also be used. Therefore with a 5-metre modular system, it is for example possible to use the complete hardware building a 4-metre-long linear system. For serial numbers lower than 00500 it is possible to ship the bar to Microgate or a distributor and receive a free update (shipping costs for sending and receiving are excluded). It is also possible to buy one or more additional single TX bars.

If using a Y-bar with drum, make sure that the power supply is SWITCHED OFF (power off).

The bars situated on the perpendicular sides are connected using a variable-length cable (usually 1.5m); this allows to distance the actual measurement area (the rectangle formed by the regular bars and highlighted in gray in the following picture) of the Y bars; this area allows the patient to leave the test area without having to jump over the bars or, more frequently, turn around by 180° and go back. In fact, the software allows to carry out an undefined number of back/forth courses recording a sufficient number of steps also in case of linear systems of only a few meters.

With this configuration, all test types can be carried out. The tests which make most use of this feature are the tapping and march-in-place tests, where the right and left foot are automatically identified. The Drift protocol, which previously needed 4 series of one-leg jumps, now is easier to follow (two series per leg are enough; in this case use the new Drift Protocol 2D).

Each test will now show the "roll of positions". Displaying the OptoJump bars on the monitor, during the test a dot will indicate the athlete's centroid foot. The first (pink coloured) dot shows the initial position, whereas the following will form the athlete's movement scheme during the test making us understand how the movement is controlled. The colour of the dot for jumps fades, whereas the current dot is highlighted in white. In a 2D system, the roll of dots will of course trace the movement on X and on Y.

In the following examples we will see two jump tests of 15 seconds, where in the first one the athlete has controlled the position well staying near the initial point, whereas in the second one he has moved around without control. Quoting a famous tagline of the past, always remind your athletes that “power is nothing without control!”

The Optojump system can be set up in a grid for two-dimensional acquisition - this function makes it possible to:

  • Acquire highly accurate movement of the athlete within the 6m x 6m area
  • Create exercises and reaction tests in which the athlete must move along a pre-defined course inside the measurement area, testing their reactivity and concentration
  • Perform complex tests that involve the combination of two or more tests or the combination of jump tests with movement tests
  • Measure posture and the landing mode of the foot (heel, toe, angle, etc.)
  • Calculate the position on the X and Y coordinates in real-time (for example, to detect the tendency of an athlete to move from a pre-defined position during a series of jumps)

In addition to the 2D setup, the system can be set up in multiple configurations for a variety of tests, such as change of direction and turning tests.

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