BLK BOX How to Barbell Snatch

Beginners Guide to The Barbell Snatch

In it’s simplest terms, the barbell snatch is a movement in which the athlete lifts the barbell from the ground or a platform to an overhead position in one explosive and fluid movement. It is one of two main competitive movements performed in Olympic Weightlifting, the other being the clean and jerk. These movements are sometimes considered as the more difficult ones to learn, so may be intimidating for beginners. 

When performed correctly, the snatch will work the smaller muscle sets just as much as the larger ones. It is a highly functional and effective movement to learn and getting the basics right is important to be able to perform it safely and successfully.  

We are pleased to bring you a how-to video demonstration guide, in which Jake Baxter will be breaking the lift down into a series of easy to follow movements and techniques. The 4 part series will guide you into mastering the basics and will also highlight common mistakes and how to avoid these along the way.