Collection: Conditioning

Kit out your home gym or professional training facility with BLK BOX’s range of conditioning equipment. Built with athletes in mind, each fitness accessory offers an unparalleled level of quality and performance. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, conditioning training equipment can help you to upgrade your workout routine and improve your fitness.

BLK BOX’s conditioning collection allows you to find the equipment that’s right for your training programme. Choose from rowers, bikes, sleds and more.

For a comprehensive full-body workout, choose the BLK BOX Rower, a high-performance machine that helps users to target the leg, core and upper body muscles.

Similarly, the BLK BOX Ski Trainer targets more than one muscle group. It’s based on cross-country skiing, making it ideal for both athletes and anyone training for an event. The Concept 2 Bikeerg is better suited to those focussing on leg and cardio exercises.

Space-saving fitness tools include the BLK BOX Speed Rope and the BLK BOX Wall Balls, which are perfect for home gym setups.