Collection: Weight Plates

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, our range of weight plates can help you to get more out of your workout routine. Ideal for anyone who’s serious about building muscle, weight plates can be used to improve strength, taking your training to the next level.

BLK BOX’s Technique and Elite weight plates are best suited to those just starting out and can help you to develop and practice your traditional Olympic lifts. For easy recognition at a glance, opt for our colour-coded Competition Weight Plates or choose standard black Utility Bumper Plates for a more uniform setup. 

We also offer crumb rubber plates that are made from compressed recycled rubber. These are softer than our other bumper plates for improved shock absorption and sound dampening. You’ll still get the same high standards across quality and durability as expected from all BLK BOX equipment.

Our weight plate range is extensive and includes other models such as HD Bumpers, Heavy Duty Impact Bumper Weight Plates, Oversized Technique Weight Plates and Competition Change Weight Plates. Head over to our weightlifting section to find everything you need to complete your collection.

If you still need more information to help you make the best decision, check out our Bumper Plate Buying Guide. This will help you find the right weight plates to suit your individual strength training routine.