Collection: Gym Rig & Power Rack Attachments

We of offer a range of attachments that are compatible with our gym rigs, power racks, squat racks and stands. These rig and rack attachments allow you to get them most out of your training, whether it’s our rig mounted landmines for performing movements such as; landmine rows, landmine squats, single deadlifts or other relatable movements. Our dip stations are great for bodyweight training, the dip station attachment allows you to perform bodyweight exercises such as; bent knee raises, side raises, hanging rows and more, helping develop your back and triceps muscles. Our utility pegs help store your weight plates and keep them within an arm’s reach of your rack. Great for keeping your bumper plates elevated and helps avoid clutter. Our spotting arms offer an extra safety aspect when lifting, squatting and benching. Our safety straps are quite similar to our spotting arms as they both provide a similar safety aspect when performing lifts, however the safety straps can be mounted at different heights on our power racks allowing the weightlifting bar to safely roll down. Our step-up attachments can be bolted to your rack allowing you to preforming step ups and polymetric regimes. Our barbell rests include our; utility j-hooks and our premium sandwich style j-hooks. The utility j-hooks have been designed for our squat racks and stands, where as our premium style j-hooks have been designed for our power racks. Great for storing your barbell safely on the rack without damaging the barbell knurling. We also have single barbell holders which can be mounted onto the side of your power rack or gym rig, helping store your bar. Our resistance band peg attachment is great for adding resistance to your barbell when lifting and can be used with a range of our resistance bands. Our jammer arms can be attached to our power racks, helping athletes to perform movements such as; rack pulls, shrugs, snatches and more, adding great versatility to your workout. We have single leg squat attachments which are great for single leg squats and Bulgarian split squats, helping athletes focus on balance and form. Our wing attachments can be attached to our racks replacing existing cross-member, creating a multi-height pull-up bar. Our hip thruster attachments are a multi-functional piece of kit, that allow you to get the most out of your training facility. Great for performing glute ham raises and single leg squats. Our squat stand bumper plate storage attachment is the perfect addition to our Blackout Squat Stand and can store all our weight plates. Our judges stand attachments offer coaches a better view when evaluating exercise from a range of heights. It can also be used as a step-up to the pull-up bar for shorter athletes.