Collection: Gym Rigs

Suitable for professional and home gym set-ups, BLK BOX’s rigs are designed to withstand even the most intense training programmes. Whether you’re a beginner, athlete or personal trainer, the gym rigs can be customised to suit your needs. Choose from a wide range of models across the Blackout, Goliath and Samson series.

All BLK BOX gym rigs come with J-Hooks. This makes them ideal for a variety of exercises, which include squatting, benching, bar muscle-ups, pull-ups and gymnastics. Thanks to their high-quality build and advanced structural engineering, the rigs offer a premium level of performance.

Perfect for home gyms,  garage gyms and personal training studios, the Blackout and Goliath series rigs help you to save space without compromising on the intensity of your workout. Wall Mounted Rigs especially can help to free up floor space.

Commercial gyms and professional facilities can consider the Samson series, as these rigs are bigger and take up more room. They’re also built with tougher steel to withstand heavy-duty use, giving them the lasting power necessary for any elite training facility.

The Goliath and Samson rigs can be customised with various attachments to help you make the most of your new equipment. Add-ons include Rig Mounted Landmines, Dip Stations, Goliath Spotting Arms, Plate Storage and Ball Wall Targets.