weights bench

Weight Benches

Weight Benches

BLK BOX’s professional-quality weight benches are used in commercial and home gyms across the country. Every model is crafted with athletes in mind, allowing users of all levels to benefit from careful engineering and attention to detail.

Suitable for building different muscle groups, the weight benches are available in a variety of models. Whether you’re looking to work your back, glutes or hamstrings, BLK BOX weight benches add versatility to your workout routine.

The Flat Weights Bench and Adjustable Utility Weights Bench are designed for those looking to focus on free-weight exercises. They’re ideal for pairing with your choice of barbells or dumbbells.

For athletes who take part in swimming, boxing, judo or rowing, the Prone Row Bench can help to develop upper and mid-back muscles. It helps users to target these specific muscle groups to improve their performance outside the gym.

Engineered to support muscle building in the glutes, the Hip Thruster Bench can also tone and activate the hamstrings, quadriceps, and abductors.