dumbbell racks

Dumbbell Racks

Our dumbbell racks help ensure that all your dumbbell weights are stored away effectively and efficently. Our 2 tier hex dumbbell rack has been specifically designed to store our hex dumbbell weight setsrubber hex dumbbells (sold individually), rubber hex dumbbells and Individual Hex Dumbbells . Capable of holding dumbbell pairs ranging from 2.5kg - 50kg. Our 1kg -10kg hex dumbbell rack is great for home gyms where space is a limiting factor, featuring HDPE brackets to help protect the dumbbell knurling. Our 2-tier storage rack features a stepped design and is available in 1.2m and 1.8m shelves. The 1.2m dumbbell shelf can store up to 2.5kg - 10kg Pairs / 12.5kg - 17.5kg pairs or 20kg - 25kg pairs . The 1.8m dumbbell shelf can store 2.5kg - 15kg pairs + one 17.5kg / one 17.5kg + 20kg - 27.5kg pairs or 30kg - 37.5kg pairs. Depending on the number of dumbbells you need stored you may opt for two dumbbell shelves within the rack or why not mix and match as you can customise the shelves to suit your own personal needs. Likewise, our basecamp storage racks are available in 1.2m and 1.8m shelves. You can also customise the shelves on our basecamp storage racks to suit your Dumbbell storage needs. Shop our dumbbell racks today.