Best Squat Racks & Stands For Home Gyms

Best Squat Racks & Stands For Home Gyms

Best Squat Racks & Stands for Home Gyms

Searching for the best home squat rack or squat stand for your home gym set-up can be quite a daunting task as there are several things to consider. Before we identify the best squat rack or stand for your home gym, let's distinguish the difference between our squat racks and squat stands.

What is a Squat Rack?

A squat rack is built from solid steel and enables athletes to perform squats (and other exercises) effectively and efficiently. The great thing about squat racks is that they are perfect for all types of athletes, from beginners right up to experienced lifters. Simply un-rack the weightlifting bar from the squat rack straight onto your shoulders, eliminating the need to lift the bar up and over your head. Once finished squatting, simply re-rack the barbell on the squat rack by resting it on our J-Hooks (also known as barbell rests). There is no doubt about it, if you are squatting with a barbell, you will require a squat rack.

Blackout Half Rack


What is a Squat Stand?

Our squat stands are very similar to our squat racks however are a more budget friendly option. Ideal for squats and bench presses, they consist of two solid steel uprights which supports the bar and have a relatively small footprint, making them ideal for smaller spaces. The Blackout Utility Squat Stand is a favourite for many athletes as the wheels allow it to be used outside when the sunshine appears. It is also suitable for Olympic Bars and non-Olympic bars such as the Stinger Bar, as it can be brought closer together in order to rack the bar.

BLK BOX Utility Squat Stand

Things to Consider


Space is one of the most important elements to consider. Our Blackout Utility Squat Stands and Blackout Squat Stand – 2.2m have proven to be extremely popular free-standing options within home gyms where space is a limiting factor. The Blackout Utility Squat Stand has wheels allowing them to be moved around and stored easily. If your ceilings are high enough, the Blackout Squat Stand – 2.2m is ideal as it features a pull up bar, adding another element to your training. For neat and tidy storage, the Blackout Squat Stand with Bumper Plate Storage is the perfect option, allowing you to store all your weight plates within your squat stand.

In terms of squat racks, our Blackout Half Rack is narrower than our squat stands, making it a great space saving option. It also comes with built in band hangers allowing you to store resistance bands on the squat rack. For the ultimate space saver, look no further than the Binary Foldaway Rack, our most compact and popular squat rack. This wall mounted folding rack can easily and quickly be folded in or out, freeing up valuable floor space.

Training Style

Our squat racks and stands are capable of handling anything you throw at them, however if you are a more advanced lifter and are more aggressive in your training style, one of our power racks may be better suited for you, such as our Blackout Power Rack, Blackout Free Standing Power RackGoliath Half Rack, Goliath Full Rack or Goliath Compact Rack. Both the Blackout Power Rack and Blackout Free Standing Power Rack feature westside spacing, making the perfect rack for powerlifting.


The ability to move your squat rack or stand around your home gym or bolt them down may be an appealing factor when it comes to deciding which is best suited to your needs. The Blackout Half RackBlackout Squat Stand - 2.2m and Blackout Squat Stand with Bumper Plate Storage can all be used as either a free standing options or can be bolted down into ground if needed. Whether you bolt them into the ground will be dependent on your preference or type of training. The Blackout Utility Squat Stand can be wheeled indoors or outdoors (if the weather allows) as it includes wheels. The Binary Foldaway Rack is the only squat rack which must be bolted. We recommend bolting this folding squat rack onto a solid brick wall for optimal use.

Squat Racks & Stands Attachments

Once you have figured out the best squat rack or stand suited to your training space and style, you may want to add some attachments to get the most out of your squat rack/stand.

J-Hooks (Barbell Rests)

All of our Squat Racks & Squat Stand come with a pair of Utility J-Hooks. J-Hooks are an essential squat rack/stand attachment as they allow you to easily rack and un-rack your barbell on to your rack or stand, whilst protecting your bar. They are also precisely angled to ensure easy lift off when performing lifting movements. If you fancy an upgrade, check out our Premium Sandwich Style J-Hooks

Bumper Plate Storage Attachment

The Bumper Plate Storage Attachment can be attached to our Blackout Utility Squat Stand, Blackout Squat Stand - 2.2m and Blackout Half Rack. Great for helping you keep your weight plates within an arms reach, whilst reducing clutter in your home gym. Capable of storing all our bumper plates.

Spotting Arms 

Likewise, our spotting arms are great for adding safety when bench pressing, squatting or performing heavy lifts. The top of the spotter arms feature a Polyethylene layer, helping to protect the barbell. The use of spotter arms can also allow one person to lift in front of the rack, leaving the inside of the rack clear for another lifter.

Dip Station

Get the most out of your squat rack with a fully adjustable dip station. It can be attached and removed quickly and easily, by aligning the dip station with one of the pin holes on the uprights. The two angled handles allows for both a narrow and wide grip, perfect for all athletes. 


BLK BOX Goliath Dip Station

BLK BOX Goliath Dip Station

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BLK BOX Bumper Plate Attachment

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