Squat Stands

Our wide range of squat stands is suitable for home gyms, garage gyms, PT studios and large commercial training facilities. No matter the needs of you or your clients, our squat stands can be customised to suit any space or training programme.

Designed to be moved around easily, our portable squat stands come with wheels and a small footprint. This makes them ideal for gyms with limited space or fitness fanatics who like to work out in the garden. Some models also feature in-built weight plate storage solutions to make keeping your bumpers out of the way even simpler. Capable of storing any 150kg set of BLK BOX Weight Plates, it helps you to maintain a clutter-free area so you can really maximise on the room you have available.

Every one of our squat stands is crafted from locally sourced steel, delivering top-quality performance over long periods of time. Hardwearing and extremely robust, they’re professional-quality pieces of equipment that are built to withstand frequent use.

We also offer a range of attachments that are compatible with our stands, giving you the flexibility and versatility you need in your home or commercial facility.