BLK BOX Partner with Healthy Kidz

BLK BOX Partner with Healthy Kidz


BLK BOX partners with Healthy Kidz to extend both organisations collective desire to create healthy habits early in the educational process for the next generation. Working together the aim is to empower positive mindsets and enable children to unlock their full potential to stay active, fit and healthy for longer.

Since 2014 Healthy Kidz has been providing an innovative in-school holistic health programme to primary school pupils across Northern Ireland. From the outset, the programme has been evidence-based and outcome-focused ensuring that the 60,000 children taking part, across over 100 local schools, improve their levels of physical activity, health and wellbeing.

In recent months, increased technological development is allowing Healthy Kidz to design and implement its full programme into an all-inclusive digital health and education package for schools, families and communities.

Healthy Kidz provides physical activity incorporating emotional and general health and allows users to record, reward and report on each strand through its interactive app.

Every child takes part and the programme is all-inclusive.

Paul Carvill Director of coaching at Healthy Kidz: “We are delighted to partner with such an innovative company as BLK BOX who clearly see the benefit of improving and creating healthy habits from an early age.

“BLK BOX is a great partner to have on board and it is clear there is real synergy.

“Over the months ahead we are looking forward to building upon this partnership and together effecting real change in the mindsets of the next generation.”

Catherine McLaughlin, Head of Marketing at BLK BOX states that “we are extremely excited and passionate about the mission that Healthy Kidz are on. We are delighted to partner with a company that are putting children’s mental and physical health first. The BLK BOX team got the chance to partake in a session with the Healthy Kidz coaches and through that, we saw the true passion and enthusiasm the team have for their programme and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Since lockdown, Healthy Kidz has continued to ensure over 25,000 children have stayed active with the launch of its Global Challenge and Virtual Sports Day initiative with over 1 Million activities recorded on its app. For further details on the organisation, how to sign up as a partner or participating school, please visit