Blueprint Training, Worcester

Blueprint Training, Worcester

CrossFit athlete, Will Kane, has been working alongside BLK BOX on the opening of his CrossFit and functional fitness training facility, Blueprint, in Worcester, England.


Our collaboration with Blueprint Training has been created with client obsession and perfection as its pivotal focus. Blueprint is more than just a gym, it is a community and safe place for people who strive everyday to do better both physically and mentally for themselves. It is a gym which strives to transform its members mindset, day and life in general. BLK BOX have worked alongside Will every step of the way to guarantee his clients will get the most out of their training session. We are proud to say we have helped make it the best hour of their day by providing a unique, customised outcome which is fit for purpose while maintaining excellence throughout.

Blueprint training Worcester

Maximise Training Possibilities

What makes Blueprint unique is that it is not limited to 1 singular training style. While its main focus is CrossFit style functional training, it offers other training styles such as traditional strength training, HIIT training and endurance training also. This is to ensure that every aspect of its members' fitness needs are met and to maximise training possibility for them. BLK BOX has helped Will provide his clients with this wide-range of training options to ensure all his clients needs are catered for and our personalisation of Blueprint has been designed with versatility, creativity and clients needs in mind.

Will opted for an extensive selection of BLK BOX equipment to kit out his training facility, including our BLK BOX 20kg Belfast Bar, cardio equipment such as our Concept 2 Rower, BLK BOX Dumbbells and Kettlebells, BLK BOX HD Bumpers and more. The most striking feature which BLK BOX  brought to life is the custom-made rig which is undoubtedly the gyms main attraction. The rig is finished in Dark Blue - a colour chosen from our 9 core colours. 

"Our rig is the biggest one that BLK BOX have done. We asked quite a few companies if they could do it but they couldn't fulfill our needs. When BLK BOX said they could do it, it was pretty awesome. We wanted it to be our centrepiece and BLK BOX really gave us what we needed." - Will Kane, Founder of Blueprint Training. 

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