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Build A World Class Home Gym

The health and fitness community is thriving, amongst all of the uncertainty one of the few constants is the continuous thirst for exercise. With this coincides the meteoric rise of the home gym. Across the world avid gym goers are swapping the commute and monstrous queues of their commercial gym settings for the convenient accessibility of their own home gym.

For many the first step towards a home gym is seen as an intimidating prospect but thankfully we at BLK BOX are here to assist you on your home gym venture. We have compiled some tips to help you get started.

1. Identify your goals and interests

Each home gym is unique, these facilities are manifestations of their owner’s individual training interests. Whether you are a crossfitter, a strongman, a powerlifter, or a cardio fiend there is ‘core equipment’ or ‘essentials’ to assist each and every training style. Identify your interests, goals and methods and the essential equipment required to develop these.

2. Identify your home gym users

An investment in home gym equipment is an investment in both your health and the health of your family but in-house training styles vary. As a starting point, most training methods hinge on staples such as a rack, barbells and bumper plates. The foundations of an all-inclusive home gym experience.

3. Identify your budget

What is your max spend and what would you like to achieve with that budget? Knowing your budget will help tailor a kit list suited to your needs. Maybe you have a limited budget, in which case identifying essential equipment will help you continue to develop your training routine. These basics can be added to with incremental acquisitions over time.

When you purchase equipment for a BLK BOX home gym you are making a financial commitment to your health and the health of the people you are closest to, not to mention the time saved for busy people orchestrating hectic family and professional lives. They say home is where the heart is, if that is the case then what better investment could you make than your own BLK BOX home gym?

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