Building The World's Greatest Home Gym with Emma McQuaid

Building The World's Greatest Home Gym with Emma McQuaid

Emma McQuaid is a household name in the Crossfit community. Crossfit veteran and current fittest woman in Ireland, Emma has qualified for the Crossfit Games every year since 2019, and more recently, qualifying for the Crossfit Games European Semi Finals in Berlin in June 2023. Among her many impressive achievements is winning Wodapalooza in 2022, her first, in-person elite competition victory.

We are proud to have Emma join our team as a BLK BOX Brand Ambassador in 2018 and supporting her journey throughout her Crossfit career. In 2019, we initially worked with Emma to fit out her first home gym so she could train to her full potential in preparation for the Crossfit Games. Four years later, we set out to create a world-class training space for a world-class athlete. Working closely with Emma, our team tailored the new home gym to meet her training requirements as she enters preparation for her Crossfit Games 2023 season. 

Fully fitted out with 5 Samson Wall Mounted Rigs, Wall Mounted Weight Plate Storage, Wall Mounted Cable Column along with all the essentials - BLK BOX Competition Weight Plates, BLK BOX HD Change Weight Plates, BLK BOX Belfast Bars and BLK BOX Oly Bars

BLK BOX Basecamp was built on to safely store all BLK BOX Wall Balls, Cast Iron Kettlebells and Hex Dumbbells. To complete this epic training set up, we added BLK BOX Gymnastic Rings, BLK BOX 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Jump Boxes and BLK BOX Jute Climbing Rope


Check out our journey with Emma as we build The World's Greatest Home Gym!






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