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Coaches Corner - Niall Greenan

Let us introduces 'Coaches Corner', a workshop that will be held on the last Friday of every month at our Headquarters in Titanic Quarter. We will be inviting guest speakers and top trainers in the industry to share their knowledge, advice and training protocols. The idea behind the workshops are to provides valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimise their training. This is also a great way to meet likeminded people within the industry. 

Niall Greenan will be kicking things off this Friday 26th July at 7 pm. Niall is no stranger to the fitness industry, with years of experience behind him as a very successful personal trainer, running the well renowned Zenith Strength and Mobility and competing on a competitive level in Kettlebell Sport.  
Niall Greenan
On Friday 26th, Niall Greenan will give a short talk on; 

  • “Density” training and its many variations...
  • How you can use it with yourself and more importantly your clients (especially in the small or medium group setting) to pack on muscle while keeping thing relatively simple and breaking from the monotonous sets, reps, rest scheme.
  • This will then be followed by a training session utilising some of these systems so that it can be seen in real-time. 

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