CORE Life, Riyadh

CORE Life, Riyadh

CORE, a luxury wellness destination, entrusted BLK BOX with their second facility in Riyadh, building upon our successful collaboration in Jeddah since 2019. CORE's unwavering commitment to best-in-class holistic wellness perfectly aligns with our mission to create world-class training environments.


Our role in this project was comprehensive. We provided multi-density seamless flooring solutions tailored to CORE's diverse clientele and their wide range of training and class offerings.

Additionally, we expertly designed and installed custom turf and track, creating an iconic outdoor boot camp area that seamlessly bridges indoor and outdoor fitness experiences.

At the heart of CORE's training zones, we meticulously crafted bespoke functional training rigs to suit both indoor and outdoor environments. These rigs were purposefully designed to accommodate the full spectrum of fitness activities, ensuring CORE's ability to offer innovative and adaptable workouts to their members for years to come.



Our functional training rigs, complete with custom branding and precision tailored to CORE's vision, stand as iconic features that promote a dynamic wellness experience.

Furthermore, our end-to-end project support ensured the seamless delivery and installation of all equipment, transported from BLK BOX HQ in Belfast to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.