Lucy and Emma

CrossFit Games Wrap-up - Lucy McGonigle: Fittest On Earth

Another inspirational year in Madison, as the 2022 CrossFit Games comes to a close.

What a roller-coaster it was, we had everything from a proposal, the younger generations shining through and the OG'S stamping their claim on 'Legendary' titles, everyday brought some new entertainment for the viewers.


Our very own Emma McQuaid and Lucy McGonigle absolutely smashed it. Emma stands as the 12th 'Fittest Woman on Earth' and Lucy, as suspected, brings home the gold and is now your 'Fittest Teen on Earth' (14-15 year old). 

Coming out on top of the women's division Tia-Clair Toomey really is the greatest in the sport winning her 6th title for the 6th year in a row, at just 29 years old. Rich Froning and his team CrossFit Mayhem leave no doubt, and Lucy McGonigle showed everyone what the future of CrossFit will look like. 

With the Games consistently surpassing itself in terms of popularity and calibre of competition, it was never not going to deliver.

Emma McQuaid


Day 1: 

There was mayhem in the field. The first event 'Bike to Work', in which all 40 athletes were present, was fraught with disaster. Confusion among event organisers led to a number of athletes doing either too many or too little laps of the bike course. Despite the confusion, Emma performed well and racked up an excellent 10th place, setting the tone early on. 

The following event, the 'Skill Speed Medley', proved difficult but showing us why she is a Game's athlete, Emma smashed out a 5th place in the 'Elevated Elizabeth' event. 

Day 2: 

Day two saw the athletes introduced to the lung-busting, shoulder-killer workout: 'Shuttle to Overhead'. This saw the competitors completing shuttle runs which increased in distance, followed by max jerks. The margins were razor thin with Emma putting in a 20th and an incredible 10th (joint on reps with 6th). Day two also tested the athletes resilience with rain delays switching up some schedules.  

Day two also saw the beginning of Lucy McGonigle's Games. Competing in the field of 10, Lucy put a stamp on the competition early. The initial day saw a complete test of every athlete's preparedness, events incorporated everything from extended running to handstand walks. Lucy took the lead early with a 1st, 3rd and a 5th. A lead that she would not relinquish over the course of the comp.

Day 3:  

The third day of competition saw Emma really hit her stride. Smashing out a 10th, 15th and an incredible 3rd in the 'Echo Press' event. This saw the athletes  completing a set number of cals followed by handstand push-ups from a deficit. 

For Lucy, the two events on the 2nd day were the 'Parallel Elizabeth' and the 'Mixed Mode Madness'. Continuing to show why she deserves the title of 'Fittest Teen on Earth', she posted a 3rd and 1st.  

Lucy McGonigle

Day 4: 

Day four started with the athletes getting rinsed, literally. Every athlete, across all categories, took part in the 'Rinse and Repeat' event. This saw a mix between swimming and max calorie ski ergs, Lucy, true to form, secured a 2nd place on her final day of competition.

Lucy's consistent form saw her take the competition by an absolutely mindboggling margin of 100 points and earned herself the title of the 'Fittest Teen on Earth'. 

Day 5: 

On the final day of competition, after a gruelling four days and with every inch of her body aching from the strain of elite competition, Emma strung together a series of fantastic results. Posting a 7th and 10th in the first two of day 5's three events, she finished strong to secure her place as the 12th fittest woman on earth. This matches last years results, an incredible performance considering how the field has progressed. 


We couldn't be more proud of the BLK BOX athlete's, their performances are a testament to the hard work they put in daily. The fact that we can help these girls perform at such a high level each year is an honour and we can't wait for next year!