BLK BOX Customized Free Standing Rig

Equipment Customisation - Have It Your Way

First impressions matter

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. We understand the importance of increasing your brand equity, that’s why we believe in customisation. BLK BOX can help you co-create a unique space, that is sure to get people talking. From laser cutting your logo to colour matching racks and rigs, we can support you with creating a gym experience truly unique. The options are endless and we are here to help you create a truly unique experience for your clients.

Your Brand. Your Way

Does all equipment have to be black or white? Absolutely not! Don’t get us wrong, both those colours look fantastic in situ, but if it doesn’t align with your brand, let’s pick the colour that does. How about adding your logo to a piece of equipment too? Believe us when we say the opportunities are endless. 

An example of the equipment customisation: 

    • Samson & Goliath Rig Brand Plates
    • Competition Plates
    • PU Plates
    • PU Dumbbells
    • Fractional Plates
    • Wall Ball Targets
    • Flooring including Lifting Platforms

Your Brand. Your Way


Since 2012, our premise has been simple: to improve athletes' performance. We design, engineer and fabricate our products right here in Belfast, using our CNC precision laser cutting machine, allowing, us to ensure complete control over the quality of your customised equipment.

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