Embody Fitness Training Facility, Dubai

Embody Fitness, Dubai


Embody Fitness; a private fitness club established in London in 2013 opened its first luxury facility in Dubai, conveniently located on the first floor of the iconic Lamborghini Building on Sheikh Zayed Road. The 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art Olympic standard training facility was designed by our engineering team via the use of CAD visuals for the clients to eliminate any risk or guesswork.


Located above the world's biggest Lamborghini showroom, Embody Fitness had a strict brief for bold design, performance, and durability, with a turn around time of 12 weeks. ‘Customise Everything, Compromise Nothing’ is a core value of ours and this project was no exception, offering fully customised flooring including the Embody logo on both the flooring and inlaid lifting platforms, helping create a strong brand presence. The primary lifting space features a seamless graphite athletic flooring with custom inlay platforms, energizing the athlete whilst also allowing users to circulate throughout the area safely without any tripping hazards. 

In the premiere conditioning space, the white Embody logo is a design feature within the black turf, with the metre hash marks available for trainers to utilise in their programme. The layout has designated zones focused on each essential stage of an elite strength and conditioning workout routine, clients will be put through their paces on our custom built power racks, custom rigs, free weights and power machines.


The client's goal for Embody Fitness isn’t just to be a personal training facility but to cover every aspect from individual program design, from injury and movement screening to customized nutrition planning to on-site sports therapy. We want to wish Embody Fitness the best of luck with their new facility.