Emma McQuaid 12th Fittest Woman on Earth

Emma McQuaid | 12th Fittest Woman on Earth

BLK BOX Athlete Emma McQuaid never fails to impress, and we are absolutely delighted for her to be crowned 12th Fittest Woman on Earth, achieving four top 10 event finishes in an intense CrossFit Games Final. 

The CrossFit Games returned to Madison, Wisconsin, and saw an action-packed week of swimming, obstacle courses, rope climbs, sprints, handstand walks and much more, all designed to push each athlete to their limit of endurance, strength, and physical and mental fortitude. Taking place on July 27th – August 1st, over 80 of the fittest athletes in the world competed for the prestigious title of ‘Fittest on Earth’. This year's Games had an electric atmosphere due to the welcome return of spectators, supporters and cheering crowds, which were sorely missed at least year's Games.

Despite taking first place in the European Semi-finals (which you can watch here), the road to the Final was not straightforward for Emma as COVID restrictions threatened her entry into the USA. The COVID restrictions stated that with limited exception, anyone who had been in the UK or Ireland in the previous 14 days were not permitted to travel to the US. After numerous attempts at a solution, including what would be an extremely costly detour to Dubai to self-isolate for 14 days, the CrossFit Games organisers wrote a letter directly to US Homeland Security, explaining that Emma was “one of the best in the world”, which thankfully secured her entry into the US. To say Emma was relieved was an understatement.

Photos by ARB Photography

After overcoming this obstacle there was just one final hurdle - 15 of the toughest, gruelling, and most physically demanding workouts across 4 days that made for a well-rounded test of fitness.

Event 1

For time:
1-mile swim with fins
3-mile kayak

Event 2 

For time:
126-ft. sled drag, 180 | 220 lb.
5 Pig flips, 350 | 510 lb.
12 muscle-ups
12 bar muscle-ups
12 bar muscle-ups
12 muscle-ups
5 Pig flips 
126-ft. sled drag
Time cap: 12 min.

Event 3

For time:
550-yard sprint
Time cap: 4 min.

Event 4
For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Wall walks
Thrusters, 135 | 185 lb. (short bars)
Time cap: 20 min. 
Event 5
4 rounds for time:
4 rope climbs
500/400 ski erg
Sand bag carry
Events 6/7
5 rounds for time of:
250-m run 
1 clean
Women: 165 | 175 | 185 | 195 | 205 lb.  
Men: 245 | 265 | 285 | 305 | 315 lb. 
Time cap: 7 min.
Event 8
For time: 
Navigate the handstand walking course
Time cap: 5 min.
Event 9
Echo bike (cal.)
Snatch, 75 | 105 lb. (short bars)
Time cap: 8 min.
Event 10
For time:
30 toes-to-bars
1.5-mile run
30 toes-to-bars
1.5-mile run
30 toes-to-bars
Time cap: 27 min.
Event 11
11-min. AMRAP:
1 pegboard ascent
7 single-arm dumbbell overhead squats, 50 | 70 lb.
15 heavy double-unders
Event 12
1-rep-max snatch
Event 13  
4 rounds of:
20 GHD sit-ups
8 cheese curd burpees over the hay bale, 70 | 100 lb.
168-ft. yoke carry, 425 | 605 lb. 
1-min. reset
Time caps by round: 2 | 2 | 2 | 3 min.
Event 14
6-10-14 reps of:
Deadlifts, 275 | 405 lb. (short bars)
Freestanding handstand push-ups
Time cap: 7 min
Event 15
For time:
600-m row


Emma is now on her way back home and we can't wait to celebrate with her in person. On reflecting on her performance in the Final she said “Gymnastics movements haven’t typically been my strengths in the past so to place 2nd in the ring muscle ups and bar muscle ups workout is HUGE for me. My favourite event was event 11 - I loved the pegboard, dumbbell overhead squats and heavy double-unders, it was a fun workout! 

Emma's determination knows no bounds and always thinking ahead, she is already setting goals for next year's CrossFit Games, hoping to place in the top 10.  

"I want to be the most well rounded athlete I can, so I will be focusing on my endurance running, bike, swimming, rowing and every other area I can improve on for next year.”

We are extremely proud of what Emma has accomplished and are behind her every step of the way. The best is yet to come!