Eton College Gym Facility

Eton College, London

Eton College in Windsor, London provides a full boarding education for around 1,300 boys aged 13–18. Sport is a strong feature of Eton College and they required a gym suffice to train large groups of students at one time, whilst being able to tailor exercises for the diverse range of athletes and sports on offer. Inside the complex, a custom Samson Wall Mounted Rig was installed, integrated along with wall-mounted storage for bars and bumpers to maximize floor space.

Accompanying their strength area, Eton College also chose a variety of accessory items including Cast Iron Kettlebells, GHDs, Plyo Boxes, Paralletts and a variety of bars. The facility also boasts Ski-Ergs and the 8 digit-timer, completing the look. BLK BOX wants to ensure that no matter where their students’ sporting interests lie, this quality space provides equipment to support and challenge students and their fitness.

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