Developing Mental Fitness

BLK BOX Webinar Series: Developing Mental Fitness

Is anyone feeling knocked back by the rapidly changing events throughout the world? Are you or your clients struggling to adapt and stay mentally strong and focused during this challenging time? This unique situation has placed many challenges in front of us all.

Sports Psychologist Annika McGivern hosted a 3 part webinar series, teaching us evidence-based psychological skills and strategies that allow us to dig deep and use challenges and set-backs to become stronger, resilient and clearer on our goals, values, and direction.

When uncertainty throws us into a state of heightened anxiety, we find ourselves searching for a clear path forward. Developing self-awareness will ground you and anchor a foundation of psychological skills from which you can begin to grow, learn, change and develop.

If you missed the Webinar series, you can download all episodes for free here.