Gym storage buying guide

Gym storage buying guide


The right storage can transform the flow and feel of your training space and the user experience.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best gym storage solutions for your facility.

Creative storage solutions

In dynamic environments, such as small group personal training (SGPT) facilities where space is often at a premium, innovative storage solutions can make a significant difference:

Versatile storage units with cable integration  

These units provide versatility in training by integrating a dual cable stack, allowing for a variety of training options within a compact footprint. This keeps the gym floor organised and safe, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the training experience.

Modular storage upgrades  

Modular systems allow for the design of bespoke storage solutions, combining maximum storage capacity with accessibility. This is crucial during high-intensity sessions where quick transitions and workout variance are essential.

Multi-tiered designs  

Accommodating a broad range of equipment, from dumbbells to kettlebells, these designs ensure equipment is readily available without impeding floor space or causing pinch points.

Scaling for growth

Storage systems should be modular and scalable to fit the needs of various gym sizes:

  • Versatile capacity options: From large storage units to compact configurations, options should cover a spectrum of capacity choices.
  • Adjustable systems: Tailored solutions can be adjusted to fit specific space and equipment requirements, allowing clubs to optimise floor space and provide adequate storage regardless of size.
  • Accommodating growth: Additional storage units should be easily added as membership and equipment inventory expands.

Customisation options

Customisation can play a crucial role in creating a cohesive and efficient training environment:

  • Bespoke design: Creating solutions that capture a brand’s essence can make a significant impact.
  • Custom features: Options might include custom colors, logos, attachments, and unique configurations.
  • - Reflecting your brand: Customised equipment enhances the training experience and resonates with members by reflecting the facility’s brand.

When designing a training space, storage should be a core focus rather than an afterthought. Effective storage solutions should complement the aesthetic of the facility, meet the practical needs of gym operators, and contribute to the overall training experience.

Choose storage that grows with your facility and reflects your brand, creating a seamless and efficient training environment.