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Emma McQuaid's Home Gym


As many of you know, Emma McQuaid is no stranger to hard work. Emma McQuaid is the first Irish woman to qualify for the CrossFit Games - the crowning glory of a sport that claims to be for the "fittest people on Earth". Measuring 5ft 4in and weighing 63kg, she's ranked the "fifteenth fittest woman in the world".

Emma McQuaid Home Gym

The style of training Emma does forces individuals out of their comfort zone. While she says she had a base-level of fitness before starting, it's taken grit and determination to get to the CrossFit Games. When she competes, she demands more every time she steps on the competition floor and track. With true grit and determination, Games glory is there for the taking. Emma is a trusted voice with years of performance and S&C experience, providing honest feedback on our ranges as we continue to push the standard in creating exceptional products. 

Emma's Home Gym

Emma came on board as a brand ambassador in 2019. We are delighted to have helped her on her journey to The CrossFit Games, allowing her the ability to train several times throughout the day in the comfort of her own home.