Yorke-Biggs Family Ready for Lockdown 2.0 with BLK BOX Home Gym

Yorke-Biggs Family Ready for Lockdown 2.0 with BLK BOX Home Gym

2020 has been a tough year for us all, and as we see England’s gyms forced to close their doors once again due to Covid-19, it’s difficult not to feel a little demotivated. Luckily, this won’t affect the Yorke-Biggs family in Solihull, England, who decided at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, to cancel their gym memberships altogether and convert their 100-year-old single garage into a home gym for the whole family to use.  

With the family being cooped up for so long and missing out on so many of the usual summer activities, Dad, Bradley was worried about the effect this might have on everyone’s mental and physical health. Bradley is a firm believer in the ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ motto, so when son Ethan suggested the idea of a home gym to his dad, Bradley was more than happy to agree. 

Having the home gym project gave the whole family something to focus on and look forward to during lockdown, particularly Ethan who is an avid CrossFit fan and was the one who narrowed down the search to BLK BOX.   

Ethan came across the BLK BOX Instagram and was impressed with the brand and the wide range of products on offer. There were a few local companies to choose from, but Bradley and Ethan decided that BLK BOX were the best fit as we could provide everything they neededWhat was important to Bradley and Ethan was finding a squat rack that would fit into their single garage, which is approx. 200 sq. ft. After speaking with the BLK BOX sales team, they decided to go for the ever-popular Goliath Half Rack which fitted perfectly into the garage. Ethan and Bradley were also eager to have a one brand solution so that their gym looked impressive and professional 

The garage itself (like most people’s garages!) wasn’t used to put the car in but was used more as a storage area for the usual tools, paint, bikes, old toys, boxes, unused furniture and more! With all of this to sort through, 100 years’ worth of holes to fill in and all walls needing repainted, it certainly was a team effort to get it ready for their new BLK BOX equipment.  

After lots of cleaning, refurbishing and redecorating, the family completely transformed their garage into something they are very proud of. Alongside the Goliath Half Rack, they opted for the Belfast Bar, Flat Bench, Adjustable Bench, Competition Kettlebells, Wall Balls, Squat Pad, Competition Change Plates, Goliath Spotting Arms, Hex Dumbbells and Dumbbell Rack, to name just a few! 


The whole family were thrilled with the result and have all noticed dramatic improvements in their fitness and strength levels over lockdown.   

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