How To Clean Your Rubber Tiles

How To Clean Your Rubber Gym Tiles

At BLK BOX, we believe gym flooring is the most crucial piece of equipment for every facility to get right. If your athlete matters, the surface they use matters, and that’s why we offer a range of different surfaces to suit everyone’s needs. You will get the most out of your investment through regular cleaning and maintenance - helping leave your customers satisfied and onlookers impressed.  

How to clean your rubber gym tiles

Remove Dust & Debris From Your Rubber Gym Tiles

Before washing any surface, it is always recommended to vacuum first to remove any dust and debris. Please be aware that the use of chalk, especially on rubber-made flooring, may result in to non-removable stains. This is due to a chemical reaction between the chalk and rubber.

If you get a nasty stain on your rubber gym tile, you are free to wet wash it with a standard mop, without having to worry about damaging the material. Just make sure that any cleaning agent that you use is non-acidic, not acetone based, and that it does not contain turpentine. Those substances can all stain a rubber floor, causing permanent and irreparable damage that will not the covered under warranty.

Test cleaning solutions before applying to gym tiles

It is always recommended to test all cleaning solutions and products on to a small area, before continuing over the whole floor. Should your own rubber flooring get damaged by the cleaning compound, do not go my further. Should you use a wet vac machine to clean your rubber flooring, make sure that it operates at less than 350 revolutions per minute, or you will risk damaging the floor with your efforts.

Inexpensive Rubber Gym Tiles Cleaning Solution

For an inexpensive and all-natural rubber floor cleaning and sanitising solution, mix one cup of white vinegar into four litres of hot water. This mixture can be applied with a mop, sponge or cloth, in order to clean and disinfect the floor. Add a squeeze of lemon or a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to the concoction for a fragrant effect.

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Rubber Gym Tiles Maintenance 

Regular maintenance will keep your gym flooring clean and safe, and make your gym more attractive for current and potential clients. Specks of dirt and small debris may seem harmless, but they can be quite abrasive, and will cause damage if not addressed. The debris can be trekked into the space by shoes, or blown in through windows and air ducts. This is a natural occurrence that can be cut down by some extent, through the use of place rugs at the entrance and exit of every room.

Cleaning this debris is a simple matter of sweeping or vacuuming it up on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on how often the space is used, and the manner in which it is used. The more often you undertake this one simple maintenance chore, the longer your rubber floor will be able to maintain its original state.

Rubber is a material that can get worn down over time. A gradual wearing of the original matte and row surface, causing a smoother and shiner surface, is to be considered totally normal with this type of flooring. When our recycled rubber material has been coloured from the origin (without using naturally coloured EPDM granules), colour fading will naturally occur, and it will not be covered by the warranty.

All rubber flooring made of moulded rubber granules (usually the thicker tiles on offer) may from time-to-time release a quantity of small rubber fragments. The same can be found either on to the floor surface, or close to the floor’s borders. Such granules are also considered as a normal wearing of the rubber, and they can be removed just by simply hovering and brushing.

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