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Lift: The Movement's design vision is to create beautiful and unique experiences. Lift draws inspiration from minimalism, gymnastic and sporting heritage, the city and the outdoors and co-founder Angus Martin and Elliot Moger set out to "break the mould" with their training. Both men were aspiring rugby athletes, until their bodies could take no more. That is when they both became infatuated on how to reconstruct their bodies, leading them down the path of Lift: The Movement.

Lift: The Movement blends contemporary design with a practical and considered layout conceptualised through a minimalistic lens. The focus when planning the space was on utilising as many organic materials and textures as possible. The space consists of a large training area with rubberised sandstone flooring. This provides safe flooring for training without compromising the aesthetic. Up to twelve sets of gymnastic rings are aligned across the space to maintain the clean symmetrical lines of the aesthetic as well as Pine Plyo Boxes, full sets of Kettlebells, 5 barbells with ample bumper plates along with an array of mobility equipment. 


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