‘Educate, Inspire and Empower all bodies’ is the mission behind the MARCHON brand founded in 2016, that we have had the pleasure of working with on three separate occasions – ‘Marchon Athletic, MARCHON HQ and most recently MARCHON Stratford.

‘Industry leading functional fitness’ has made it’s way to London as MARCHON open their newest training space, in Stratford. As you open the glass double doors to Sugar House Island, you are hit in the face with the beauty of the space. On the far wall you will see a ‘video wall’ showcasing everything the brand represents and running wall to wall to the left of this and the stand out feature piece of equipment a 7 Bay BLK BOX NEXUS Compact Rack. 

“I’m fascinated by the ideas that grow in the mind, that one day become a reality” Ollie Marchon, founder of the MARCHON brand.

The equipment chosen by Ollie and the team enhances MARCHON’s training model. One of the core messages from the team at MARCHON is ‘Ready for Anything’, in all transactions of life, training for endurance, strength and functionality. The BLK BOX NEXUS rack epitomises this. The very term ‘NEXUS’ means ‘a connection or series of connections linking two or more things’. Merging cable-based strength with free-weight functional training, NEXUS allows for seamless transitions and integration between movements. With an array of attachments it will grow as you do, unlocking thousands of training opportunities. Along with the main gym floor, there is a dedicated 'performance zone' with extra pieces of kit like the BLK BOX GHD Pro and Wooden Rings for drop in's ensuring there is enough space for class members and drop ins. 

"Teaming up with BLK BOX has allowed us to innovate and stay ahead. For us being able to create something so unique, so one of a kind, has been able to help us bridge the gap between pain and performance", Coach Jenz, Co-Founder of the PFCA.

The biggest change from MARCHON HQ is being able to cater for bigger group sessions. Max capacity for the main gym floor at Stratford will be 30 people with 15 people to 1 coach, coaching everything from strength to capacity, functionality to team sessions. As well as that, Stratford London has seen the addition of a coffee shop and retail space. 

Client experience is everything for the MARCHON team. Being able to provide a product and service to really suit each and everyone of their needs, and adapt 'on the spot' with the NEXUS rack is what sets them apart. 


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