Marchon Athletic Gym

Marchon Athletic


Marchon Athletic, founded in 2016, is a high-end group training facility located in central Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Owner, Ollie Marchon wanted to bring a top quality training facility to the local population and he wanted to create a facility that could be used for one-to-one personal training, semi-private clients and small group fitness training.


Like the majority of our facilities, cardio equipment is minimal, but what we do include is highly effective. Concept 2 rowers, Assault Bikes and Ski Ergs are all you will find at Marchon Athletic. The equipment in this facility enhances Marchon’s training model which is based on body weight training, functional movements and weight training. You will find Belfast bars, BLK BOX bumpers, plyo boxes and slam balls within the four walls of Marchon Athletic.

As with any boutique studio, maximising the space available was of utmost importance to Ollie, he needed to make sure that the desire to host group sessions did not limit the range of equipment available for his tried and tested training methods. One of the ways this was achieved was by installing a prowler track along one side of the studio. This allowed for speed work to take place and not interfere with the weights area. On the other side of the facility, two customised small group (SG) training pods with storage were installed. This design ensures a better training experience as each pod comprised of a laser-cut bay functional training rig and storage, which allows for one coach to train four clients at any one time. Each pod has equipment at an arm’s length thanks to the purpose made storage racks, designed by our talented engineering team.


Marchon Athlete is an example of an extremely successful business model. This group training facility is a great use of open space with plenty of light and room to move around whilst accommodating members of all fitness levels. Marchon Athletic is undoubtedly going to continue its growth and will quickly build on the success of its second year.