Which 'Ball' is the right one for me?

Which 'Ball' is the right one for me?

What’s the difference between a Wall Ball and a Slam Ball? How is that different from a D-Ball? Why do I need a Medicine Ball? Which one should I buy?

We can hear your burning questions, about which ‘exercise ball’ you should be using to slam, throw and grow. Before you make the leap into purchasing your new piece of equipment, let us take you on a whistle stop tour on the main types of exercise balls and what they’re best used for.

Wall Ball

Wall Balls sit somewhere between Medicine Balls and Slam Balls: they aren’t designed for slamming, but they aren’t quite as bouncy as medicine balls. For those seeking a head-to-toe workout, your whole body will take a beating with our range of wall balls. The exercise will ensure your upper body and abdominals are put through their paces, whilst the squat aspect will make sure your legs aren’t neglected. Available in five weights and colour coded for easy identification, our soft material means your hands won't get the same punishment as the rest of your body. 

BLK BOX Wall Ball

Slam Ball

As it says on the tin – they’re used to slam into the floor because crucially they don’t roll or bounce (nobody wants to lose a tooth). Simultaneously, they will give you a full-body strength and cardio workout whilst developing explosive power – at home, or in the gym. Their versatility allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises to improve upper and lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility, conditioning and joint integrity.

Available in weights ranging from 3kg to 15kg, the textured surface and rubberised exterior shell, helps you maintain a tight grip after every rep.

BLK BOX Slam Ball

D Ball

D-Balls are a much heavier version of a Slam Ball, so no slamming here. Starting at 20kg the BLK BOX D Ball’s can be used for a wide variety of training techniques that provide full-body conditioning, strength and mobility. Using a D-Ball over something like a barbell will really challenge your stabilisers and core, as you will have to do things like bend down low, heave the ball explosively, and control the imbalanced nature of the equipment. So instead of doing barbell cleans, deadlifts, ground-to-overheads, and shoulder-to-overheads, use the D-Ball. 


Medicine Ball

Medicine balls look and feel like a basketball, just a bit heavier (definitely not for slamming). They are all about incorporating resistance into your workouts, adding weight to make them more challenging: Russian twists, V sit-ups and crunches to blitz your core, shoulder presses, squats. Medicine balls are popular for improving speed, power, acceleration and strength. 

BLK BOX Medicine Ball

A use for every Ball, and a Ball for every use.

They all have their separate use cases, strengths, and weaknesses.

How you plan on using these will determine which ball is going to be best for you.