Meet the BLK BOX Hip Thruster Floor GHD Bench

Meet the BLK BOX Hip Thruster Floor GHD Bench

Improve your posterior chain 

We understand that sometimes space is just as valuable as the equipment in it. That's why we are excited to introduce the BLK BOX Hip Thruster Floor GHD Bench. Combining a Hip Thrust Bench and Floor GHD, the BLK BOX Hip Thruster GHD Bench can be adjusted quickly and easily, allowing you to transition effortlessly between nordic curls and hip thrusts. 

Hip thrust nordic curl

Whether you are resistance or strength training, this product provides the perfect platform to help you build muscle, stability and prevent injury. A favourite among professional sports coaches and home gym owners alike, the BLK BOX Hip Thruster Floor GHD Bench will help you build strong glutes and hamstrings while developing explosive power. 

HIp thrust floor ghd

This bench can also be used within rehabilitation environments allowing the user to increase their resistance gradually without compromising form or obstructing their range of mobility. It will also effectively target the hamstring without putting stress on the lower back. 

Hip Thrust Floor GHD Bench

Featuring a large checkered steel footplate for grip during hip thrusts, and adjustable ankle rollers keeping your feet firmly in place during nordic curls, this product will add mega versatility to your set up without taking up a large amount of space.

There are two removable cushioned pads, so simply add the bottom front pad and get to work on your nordic curls. Once your hamstrings are fired up, just remove the pad and get ready to attack your glutes with some hip thrusts.

Hip Thrust Floor GHD Bench

The oversized frame means the product is extremely stable and allows for the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates to add extra load to your workout. The 6 band pegs will allow you to attach resistance bands for added tension. 

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See the Hip Thruster Floor GHD Bench in Action