Leg curl extension rig attachment

Meet the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Attachment

Want to isolate both your quads and hamstrings with one compact bit of kit? Then look no further than the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Attachment.

As the name suggests (yes, we know it's not the most original name) this can be attached to any BLK BOX rig or rack and can be used to perform leg extensions, leg curls and more. Designed and manufactured in Belfast from locally sourced steel, the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Attachment is a must-have for athletes looking to bullet proof their leg gains.

Easy to attach and adjust on any BLK BOX Rig or Rack, the Leg Curl/Extension is attached on to the rack using threaded pins and wingnut, or our specially knurled hand knob. The threaded pins and hand knobs are zinc plated for a quality finish and enhanced durability. It can be easily reversed meaning it can be attached to either side of your rig or rack. 

The knee roller can be adjusted easily making it suitable for any user, tall or small. Along with the height being adjustable, the foot roller can also be adjusted to suit those with a long shin length and those with a shorter shin length. Perfect for everyone! Each roller is 100mm in diameter and 500mm in length allowing enough width for any size of user to comfortably perform exercises

The BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Rack Attachment is an extremely compact attachment that allows you to isolate each hamstring or quadricep individually, giving you a great mind to muscle connection. Due to its small footprint, it is perfect for those looking to utilise their space as efficiently as possible.

Adding the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Rack Attachment to your set up will open up a wide array of exercises including single leg hamstring curls, single leg extensions, leg extensions, single arm preacher curls, preacher curls and many more.

With a 200mm weight pin, load on the weight plates and push yourself to the limits. If you want to push yourself further, just add a resistance band for constant tension on the targeted muscles.

The heavy-duty rollers can be easily detached and reattached to the rig or rack to be used as a single leg squat attachment, nordic curl attachment or sit-up attachment.

The BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Rack Attachment is also reversible so can be attached to either side of your rig or rack uprights. 

Leg curl extension attachment

Construction of the Leg Curl/Extension Attachment

Made from start to finish in our HQ here in Belfast, the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Rack Attachment is constructed from a range of locally coursed laser-cut steel. 10mm thick mild steel plate, 20mm turned solid bar and 50mm knurled solid bar are just some of the various types of steel used for this product.

After being laser-cut, folded and welded by our in-house fabrication teams, the Leg Curl/Extension enters our internal industrial paint line, going through various stages of washing, drying, and painting before coming out freshly baked in our signature textured powdercoat finish. Available in 9 vibrant colours, pick a colour to suit your set up and stand out from the crowd. Colours available are black, yellow, orange, red, dark blue, light blue, green, grey and white. The textured powdercoat finish means the product is easy to grip, making the attachment and detachment process even easier.

Leg curl extension attachment

Key Features of the BLK BOX Leg Curl/Extension Rack attachment

    • Made in Belfast
    • Compatible with all Samson, Goliath & Blackout series
    • Locally sourced laser-cut steel
    • Textured powdercoat finish available in 9 colours
    • Turned parts zinc plated for added longevity
    • Quick and easy to attach and adjust
    • Adjustable height to suit any user
    • Reversible so can be used on either side of an upright
    • Opens an array of exercises within a small footprint

See the Leg Curl/Extension Rack attachment in action