One 2 One Training

One 2 One Training

After having worked for over 3 years in his Dad’s physiotherapy practice in Belfast, Peter Strain decided to branch out on his own and launched One 2 One Training. Located just outside Belfast, the PT studio focuses on injury rehabilitation, improving sports performance, body composition and strength and conditioning.

Peter opened his PT studio with the aim of educating his clients through the process of one to one training, ensuring every session is tailored for individual goals, whether they focused on fitness, injury rehabilitation, weight loss or sports performance. Working with a wide range of clients including Irish league footballers, boxers, injured athletes, and athletes as young as 10 years old meant Peter needed a wide variety of equipment to cater to all of their needs. Having a background in Sports Science and Football and playing for many of the local clubs himself, Peter knew first-hand the type of equipment he wanted for his studio.

Peters 480 square foot facility has been kitted out with a range of BLK BOX equipment, all chosen for their versatility and high quality, not to mention the aesthetics of the products themselves which Peter loves. His favourite bits of equipment are the two custom branded Goliath Half Racks that make up the majority of his one to one sessions as they can be used for so many different types of exercises to suit different styles of training and can be enhanced with a range of attachments.

One 2 One Training BLK BOX Set Up

As with most PT studios, maximising the space available was important so Peter chose a selection of BLK BOX wall mounted storage options including barbell hangers, resistance band hangers, wall mounted plate storage and wall mounted multi storage for slam balls, resistance bands and more.

Peter is looking forward to resuming normal training sessions with his clients when local lockdown restrictions have been lifted in Northern Ireland and is planning to eventually expand his PT studio in the next few years, so watch this space!