Small Group Personal Training: Making the most out of your space

Small Group Personal Training: Making the most out of your space

Miles Canning, Commercial Director at BLK BOX sat down with Health Club Management Magazine to talk about the rising popularity of Small Group Personal Training facilities and how we, as suppliers, work with our clients to ensure their spaces are fresh and efficient to keep up with the changing needs of their clients.

Training pods are still a highly popular and effective use of space within any small group personal training environment. Last year, we launched the BLK BOX Nexus range which took the traditional training pod to a new level with the inclusion of two 125kg adjustable cable stacks built into the compact footprint of a traditional squat rack. When combined with storage or linked together to create multiple training pods, the Nexus range can be configured and adapted to suit any training environment.

One of the main themes we’re seeing is more demand for versatility. Training spaces now need to be multi-use and multi-functional, so they’re fit to host a sweat class of 30 people and then transform into a brand activation space for a photoshoot, before transforming back into a high functioning small group PT environment. The new Marchon LDN location in Stratford is an excellent example of this level of flexibility – recently voted one of the world’s best gyms by Men’s Health, Marchon LDN includes eight of our stainless-steel Nexus training pods, integrated storage solutions and our seamless fusion flooring, which is easily cleaned and built to withstand anything from Olympic lifting to Hyrox classes.

A solid wall can be your best friend in any small group facility. We provide a wide range of wall-mounted storage solutions for anything from barbells to dip stations and resistance bands. If a solid wall isn’t available, the next best solution to preserve space and keep things close to hand is either in-built or connecting storage solutions that are situated between training pods. 

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