Buying a Squat Stand for Training

Squat stand buying guide

Choosing the best squat stand

A squat stand comprises two upright posts with a broad base, offering compactness and portability ideal for home gyms or limited spaces.

Height adjustability accommodates users of varying heights and enables diverse exercises, often supplemented by adjustable safety catches for solo training.

Squat stands are budget-friendly compared to squat racks, making them accessible to many lifters seeking an affordable yet versatile strength training solution.

Here's everything you need to know about choosing the perfect squat stand.

Understand your needs

Squat stand buying guide
  • Consider your training goals, available space, and budget before selecting a squat stand.
  • Determine the maximum weight you'll be lifting and whether you need additional features like adjustable safety catches or pull-up bars.

Stability and durability

  • Check that the squat stand you are considering buying is built with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability during heavy lifting sessions.
  • Look for stands with wide bases and reinforced construction to provide a solid foundation for your workouts.

Height adjustability

Choose squat stands with height-adjustable uprights to accommodate users of different heights and facilitate a variety of exercises.

Adjustable features ensure proper form and safety during lifts, making your workouts more effective.

Safety features

Safety is paramount when it comes to lifting heavy weights. Look for squat stands with built-in safety catches or spotting arms to prevent accidents and injuries.

Portability and storage

  • If space is limited, opt for squat stands that are easy to move and store when not in use.
  • Consider stands with folding or collapsible features for convenient storage in home gyms or small workout spaces.

Additional accessories

  • Customise your squat stand with accessories like dip bars, weight plate storage, or band pegs to enhance your workout experience.
  • Modular designs allow for easy attachment of accessories, giving you endless possibilities for your training routine.

How to use a squat stand

How to use a squat stand
  1. Adjust height: Set the barbell at mid-chest level.
  2. Load barbell: Add weights and secure with collars.
  3. Position: Stand under the bar, feet shoulder-width apart, barbell on upper back.
  4. Lift: Grip the bar, stand up to lift off the rack.
  5. Step back: Clear the rack, feet shoulder-width, toes slightly out.
  6. Squat: Lower by bending knees/hips, thighs parallel to the ground, then stand up.
  7. Re-rack: Step forward and place the barbell back securely.

Safety Tips: Warm up, use proper form, start light, and consider a spotter for heavy lifts.