BLK BOX is built on heritage, strength and function. Our journey from a garage-based operation to a global supplier bringing the elite to the next level is built on these foundations. 

To help the world-class, the equipment has to be just that. World-class. We've been lucky enough to learn from supplying these athletes and we take these learnings and channel them into all of our new equipment. This equipment is designed to take you to the next level, no matter what level.




The heritage, strength and learnings that have built BLK BOX have led to this, the BLK BOX Bar

Designed to epitomise our values and demonstrate what sets us apart in the world of functional fitness. The BLK BOX bar sets itself apart from the field in its ability to cover all aspects of fitness. Strong enough to withstand the heaviest of power lifts and pliable enough to bounce back during the longer and more complex movement sequences. 

The development and thought put into a bar that is worthy enough to carry the name of BLK BOX is demonstrated by its unique features.

Every BLK BOX Bar has:

  • Black Hardened Chrome Shaft: Offering durability and an excellent bar feel, the BLK BOX Bar has a smooth, well-rounded appearance. Its slight satiny sheen contributes to the sensation of lifting bare steel.
  • Peaked Diamond Knurl: This special pattern provides extra grip without any unwanted sharpness. It's less likely to tear hands for greater comfort in high-volume sets.
  • Unrivalled Spin: Each sleeve contains four needle bearings for an extra smooth spin. The smoothness of movement gives athletes a more connected sensation, meaning they can maximise body-to-bar energy transfer.
  • Normal Whip: 200kPSI Strength offers a good whip when performing Olympic movements. A consistently-good whip allows you to perform to a continually high level, even when fatigue sets in.
  • Signature BLK BOX Branding: The BLK BOX Bar, comes with two rubber branding strips at each end, showcasing the build quality and performance capabilities of your barbell.




The BLK BOX Bar is manufactured using precision engineering, boasting a high spec offering and an impressive workhorse lifespan. Its weight and dimensions are to Olympic standards, blending performance with versatility for universal appeal amongst coaches and athletes.

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