Harland & Wolf Crane

The Meaning Behind our Hashtag #MadeInBelfast

In the early 1900s, Belfast-based Harland and Wolff (H&W) were one of the biggest ship manufacturers in the world. Based in the Titanic Quarter, Harland & Wolff was the lifeline for many. The towering Samson & Goliath cranes dominate the surrounding skyline and have gone on to become an iconic landmark - representing Belfast as a symbol of the city’s proud strength. We are proud of our heritage, and that’s why every step of our design and manufacturing process is based here.

The cranes became the inspiration for our BLK BOX Rigs and Racks range. Goliath is the smaller of the two cranes, standing tall at 96 metres high, whilst younger sister Samson is even bigger, proudly towering at 106 metres. You can find references from our culture amongst our products such as The Belfast Bar and  Squat Stands.

The design process is vital to BLK BOX’s success story. Over the past number of years, the Design Team has helped clients visualise their space and give alternative options, taking the guesswork from the project. We get how much it matters

Our mission is simple. We are in business to improve athletes through better training and equipment. That is why we have invested in the latest laser cutting technology, meaning our clients enjoy the shortest lead times and highest quality products in the industry. All our products are manufactured with pinpoint accuracy from high-grade structural steel and assembled by our expert team of athletes. One of the final stages of our manufacturing process is to apply a hard-wearing powder coat finish at our in-house facility. We offer a vibrant colour selection to complement each client's unique brand.

We are proud to call Belfast home.