BLK BOX: Top 10 Landmine Exercises

Top 10 Landmine Exercises

The Landmine

Landmine attachments are a simple piece of equipment that can add an extra dimension to any training session; you'd be hard-pressed to find a gym without one. They work by fixing a barbell at one end while leaving the other end free for movement and loading.  

The full range of motion around a fixed point makes them ideal for rotational and pressing movements. Where pressing is concerned, they provide optimal progression as they build shoulder stability in a much safer way than many traditional barbell movements.  

It is a great tool to develop core to extremity movement patterns and it is the ideal piece of equipment to introduce beginners to pressing, pulling, squatting lunging and rotating under load; especially if they have mobility restrictions and are unable to carry out the barbell loaded versions with the correct movement patterns. 

In this video, we used the BLK BOX Belfast bar. 

Top 10 Exercises 

With these benefits in mind, in no particular order, we’ve put together a list of Landmine specific exercises, all of which are demonstrated using the BLK BOX Rig Mounted Landmine

Single Arm Row

A soon to be stable of any upper body workout. Start with your arm locked out, knees slightly bent and underneath your hips. Grip the bar and engage your lats. Move the bar towards your ribcage before lowering it in a slow and controlled manner. Make sure the pull movement is smooth and direct. 10 Landmine Exercises For Full Body Workout

Single Arm Floor Press

Perfect for alleviating shoulder stress when carrying out a traditional push movement. Start under the bar in a position similar to that of the start of a Turkish get-up, straighten your arm away from your body and brace your core to resist spinal rotation. It may help to extend your non-working arm out from your body with your palm on the ground, this will aid stabilisation. As you bring your arm back to the starting position, your elbow should lightly touch the ground. Complete for your desired set length.   

Single Arm Roll Out Push Up 

An excellent exercise for improving shoulder strength and flexibility while also working your core, chest and triceps. Start in a press-up position, bend your working arm slightly (to remain level) and grip the bar with one hand. As you lower yourself toward the ground, roll the bar away from you until fully extended. As you elevate, move the bar back underneath your chest.    

    Single-Leg RDL 

    Performed with an ipsilateral load, meaning the weight is held in the hand on the same side of the grounded foot. Landmine single leg RDLs are perfect for building hip and shoulder stability. Start by planting your foot and picking up the bar with the hand on the same side as your planted foot. Squeeze your glute to balance and maintain that tension as you move to an upright position. Remember to keep your hips square, your back leg’s toes pointing toward the floor and keep a flat back. Try and bend your standing knee as little as possible, you should feel your glutes and hamstrings doing the work. In the video, the movement is performed using a DC Block to increase the starting deficit. 

    10 Landmine Exercises For Full Body Workout

      Kneeling Single Arm Shoulder Press

      This is an excellent pressing exercise that helps to engage the core while stretching your hip flexors during a traditional shoulder press movement. Place your working side knee on the ground, and keep your glutes and core tight while straightening your arm. At the top of the movement, perform a small shrug. When returning to your starting position, don’t let your elbow pass behind your body. 

        Clean & Press 

        Mastering this movement is the epitome of functional fitness. Providing explosive exercise with a safe rotational element will train a variety of major muscle groups while also improving speed and coordination. Start in a deadlift position with your body at 90 degrees to the bar. For your first few reps, start slow. Begin your lift, squeezing your glutes and hamstrings as you would in a barbell clean or deadlift. As the bar passes your hips begin to move your non-working hand across your body, switch hands around chest height and straighten your arm toward the fixed end of the bar. Your upper body will twist, and your weight will naturally shift towards the rig. On the return to starting position, switch hands around shoulder height and lower the bar toward the floor.  

          Russian Twist

          One of the best core exercises you can do, the landmine Russian twist will strengthen your core and shoulders, working your obliques and allowing you to generate more force during upper body rotational movements, e.g., punching, throwing or batting. Start as shown, with your feet under and towards the fixed end of the bar. With your legs straight and feet elevated, move the bar from side to side over and across your body. 

            Plank Truck Drivers  

            A more advanced exercise that requires an elevated level of core stability plus shoulder flexibility and strength. Mastering this exercise will do wonders for your shoulder and core stability. Kneel in front of the loaded plate, grip the bar at 10 and two and extend your legs out behind you and position yourself in a plank position, as shown. Complete rotations from left to right, generating the movement from your core. 

            10 Landmine Exercises For Full Body Workout


              Another great exercise for core strength and mobility. Start lying flat on the ground with your feet on either side of the bar and the plate resting on your lower stomach. Keep your feet elevated and both hands on the barbell sleeve. As you lift your upper body, bring your arms straight above your head; simultaneously, bring one leg towards your mid-section. Then as you lower your upper body back to the ground, bring the bar back to its starting position and repeat with the alternative leg. For other core exercise ideas, check out our blog - here. 

              Goblet Press Out 

              A great exercise for working on shoulder mobility. Start by kneeling in front of the bar, as shown, hold the barbell near the top of the sleeve with one hand on top of the other. Lower the bar out and away from your body straightening the arm that comes across your chest. Make sure to tuck the elbow of the barbell-side arm into your body. Bring back to the starting position and repeat.  

                The Full Range 

                Whether you are looking for an addition to your commercial facility or wanting to upgrade your home gym, BLK BOX has a landmine rig available. All landmines are manufactured in-house using Belfast Mild Steel, each one is finished with our signature Dakota black textured powder coat finish. 

                Check out all available options here - Landmines 

                See it in action