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1. Create groups with your training buddies

Use your training buddies, create a group to talk about training and what you are going to do. Tell each what you are going to attack in your sessions so you hold each other accountable. Then when you see one friend smash it, via a video or message they have sent you are more likely to feel more motivated yourself and vice versa when you put your videos of you hitting your goals. This doesn't need to be someone else on the program it can be someone from your gym or anyone you know you can count on. This also helps with that social aspect that we all need.

2. Set some goals and manage your expectations

Set some goals and pick parts of the programme that you are really going to attack, rather than having no goals and half - arseing the whole session. That being said don't set those goals too high, we want to make sure we hit our goals. There's enough negativity with the situation we are in we want to avoid adding to it. Link this in with point one and tell your buddies what your goals are for the day so they can hold you accountable as well.

3. Do what you enjoy!

Training things you are good at right now is going to really help with your motivation. Because who doesn't love practicing things that they are good at. For example, if you're a conditioning freak, the chances are you probably have more access to more conditioning equipment than a bar and lots of plates. If that is the case, great get on the Engine bias program and do what you really enjoy and vice versa if you prefer strength work. Or you may be more limited than that. There may be a movement you really enjoy doing, swap that into a workout or do it as some strength work beforehand. If it's going to help make you feel better and more motivated, PERFECT! Work with what you've got.

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