UN1T, London

The Story Of UN1T


The independent training facility UN1T, which opened in early 2017 is currently one of the hottest fitness trends. The brief that BLK BOX received from founder Rob Smyth was to create a facility that allows the pairing of interval cardio and strength training to be executed, therefore ensuring to maximise the space provided. Fast forward 3 years, UN1T have four fully fitted training studios in four different countries – London Bridge in the United Kingdom, Munich in Germany, Kuwait City in Kuwait and Qatar in Doha City. The slick studios mean business, yet the clean monochrome décor and welcoming, motivating coaches are enough to encourage even the most fitness-phobic Londoners. With the mantra “We Train As One", classes are based around up to 15 stations depending on the workout, whether it is a strength, cardiovascular or mobility session.


Each facility is laid out in a particular way to align with their training motto ‘We Train As One’. UN1T’s business model is based on a group training and circuit style methodology, therefore having equipment on hand, for several participants at one time is vital. There are a number of tv monitors mounted to the wall with clear UN1T branding and the day's workout. The mix of equipment in the facility ties in extremely well with the UN1Ts business model. The equipment allows for body weight movements, strength training and cardio with equipment. UN1T has been kitted out with a wide range of equipment including Ski Ergs (which are wall mounted to save floor space), Concept 2 rowers and TRX’s, as well as BLK BOX kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, dumbbells and plyometric boxes. The facility installed our popular sled track down one side of the facility to allow for speed work with our prowlers.


Group training has exploded over the past few years, and UN1T has certainly hit the market at the right time. It is clear to see that creativity and variation is at the core of UN1T’s ethos. A majority trend has also been the emergence of a style of training referred to as functional training. UN1T’s business success is based on innovation and developing world-first training methodologies. Their drive to continually seek the newest and best ways to provide a unique workout to their customers has seen the business grow. This facility is a great example of how the return of investment drastically outweighs the initial outlay of costs. At BLK BOX we aim to reassure our clients that if they invest in the correct equipment, that the return in investment will be much greater than once thought.