At Home Workout: Bodyweight Sprint Workout

At Home Workout: Bodyweight Sprint Workout

Tired of doing the same home workouts? Give this bodyweight workout a go to get the blood pumping. No equipment is required and it only takes 20 minutes. Try to complete as many sets of each exercise as possible within each round e.g complete as many sets of air squats and lunges within 6 minutes for the first round, as many sets of burpees and sit ups and so on.

Too easy? Try the the scaled up version (or Strong Mind option) and really push yourself: Grab a bumper plate, repeat 3 times with 5 minute rest between each set.

Bodyweight Sprint Workout

6 minutes
- 20 air squats 
- 20 lunges 
5 minutes

- 15 burpees
- 15 sit ups 

4 minutes

- 10 push-ups 
- 10 jumping lunges 

3 minutes

- 8 down ups
- Pike push-ups 

2 minutes 

Max number of burpees 


Ready for a different workout?

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