The Strong Mind Bleep Test

The Strong Mind Bleep Test

Running low on ideas for home workouts? Give this bleep test workout a go to remind you of your school days and get the blood pumping. It only takes 20 mins and can be done virtually anywhere, whether it's in the back garden, in the garage or down the street. 

The Strong Mind Bleep Test 

To begin, set up 20m shuttle run space. Complete the following increasing sequence:

  • 1 x shuttle run back and forth
  • 1 x burpee
  • 1 sit-up 

The goal is to add one more rep to each subsequent additional shuttle run 1 /2 /3 /4 / 5 +

20 Minute Option 

Complete the workout but aim for the following conditions
  • Minute 5 be on round 9 of the test
  • Minute 10 be on round 17 of the test
  • Minute 15 be on round 25 of the test
  • Minute 20 complete rounds 30 of the test

Strong Mind Option

Aim for as many rounds as possible in 60 minutes 
See how many rounds of shuttle run, burpee & sit up you can achieve in 60 minutes.


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