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Our Top Tips For Barbell Maintenance

For many of us, purchasing a quality barbell is a financial investment and barbell maintenance is something a lot of people tend to overlook. This results in having to replace the bars more frequently. Regardless of your business model, barbells are definitely one of the most used pieces of equipment on the gym floor. 

1. Removing Chalk After Use

Do you wipe or brush down your bars after use? Ideally, cleaning the chalk out of the knurling would be done on a daily basis. To do this use a stiff nylon bristle brush to go along the knurling of the bar until the chalk is gone, helping reduce the risk of oxidation. When chalk is left in the knurling of the barbell, you are opening yourself open to rush. This is because chalk is used for absorbing the moisture from your hands. When left on the bar, the chalk is absorbing any humidity and holding it on the steel, which results, you guessed it; rust.

2. Wiping Down Your Barbell 

Spray W-D40 on a rag and evenly coat the shaft, sleeves and collars of the bar. Let the bar soak up the oil for a few hours (or overnight) and then wipe it down with a dry towel. Regular use and environmental factors will determine how frequently you need to lubricate your bar. In a home gym environment that's not exposed to the elements, application once or twice a month should be enough. In more humid or open-air environments, and when bars are used more frequently, a weekly maintenance routine is advised.

3. Barbell Storage

Proper storage will protect your barbell and extend its useful life. We recommend you do not store bars when it is still loaded with weight. Bars are not meant to hold weight for extended periods of time as it can result in the barbell being permanently bent. Bars can be stored horizontally or vertically. BLK BOX offers great storage options such as the 9 Bar Holder, Gun Rack & Wall mounted or Rig mounted barbell holders. Climate controlled gyms are ideal for barbells as there is less moisture in the air, resulting in less rust developing on the barbells. If a gym is continually exposed to humidity, this will increase the rate of oxidation dramatically. 

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