The Bartlett Group Invests in Employee Health and Fitness

The Bartlett Group Invests in Employee Health and Fitness

It's always great to have a few perks of the job, whether it is free coffee, getting to travel or a staff gym. We think employees in The Bartlett Group have one of the best workplace perks - a fully kitted out gym in their Leeds HQ.

The Bartlett Group are a leading firm of insurance brokers and independent financial advisers with clients in over 30 countries. They have recognised the benefits of physical activity for the health and wellbeing of their staff. Typically, workers can spend up to three quarters of their day sat down at a desk, which can contribute to a range of preventable health conditions including back injuries and stress, depression or anxiety as a result, which are the leading causes of workplace absence. Being sedentary for such long periods of time can also increase the risk of cardiovascular issues and cancer and can lead to chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes.

The Bartlett Group want a healthy, happy and productive workforce, so have invested in an on-site gym with a custom-built rig that will cater to all of their fitness needs and have adequate storage for free weights. Sourcing a rig that was highly functional but also compact enough to fit into a specific area in their gym space was crucial, leaving plenty of room for yoga classes without having to move equipment before each class.

After receiving various rig designs from other providers, The Bartlett Group decided BLK BOX were able to provide the most functional rig within their budget and requirements. The final design was highly space efficient and included a pulley system, pull up bars, rig mounted landmineBelfast Bar, Utility Bumpers and integrated storage for Urethane Kettlebells, Hex Dumbbells, and Medicine Balls

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