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BLK BOX Teams Up With Fitr Training

Fitr. Training is the training platform that connects coaches, brands, clients and athletes. Like BLK BOX, the Fitr Training platform is the go-to for coaches and clients to experience that community spirit, receive easy to navigate programming, track success and coaches to program accordingly in a simple effective automated manner. 

We at Fitr loved the concept of a network of fitness coaches, brands, gyms, let’s call them ‘teams’, being able to collaborate and join forces to deliver coaching remotely, without the need for multiple accounts or sign-ins.


We wanted to do things a bit differently. After looking at the market, we wanted to provide a tool that lets coaches (as broad terms for anyone of Fitr Training delivering coaching) manage their remote coaching more efficiently.

The whole argument for remote coaching is that a coach can be more efficient with their time. From what we saw in the market, the majority of coaching platforms let coaches invite their clients to join one by one, and only then could deliver training to them. This is somewhat cumbersome and we believe still restricts the number of clients a coach can train.

We wanted to flip this on its head. What about if we let coaches build training programs and then simply invited clients by email, or even better, share a URL link that could be used anywhere. Our coaches have used this URL to large scale email databases, social media accounts and websites.  

This concept is now core to Fitr Training. Any coach that joins Fitr Training can build a range of programs to suit their needs. This could be an individual program for a single client, no problem. Or, it could be a group-based program designed to be followed by an unlimited amount of clients.

Every coach is different and so we let the coach decide what they want to build and how they want to deliver it, right down to the number of days of training a client sees in advance or if the program is private (i.e. it doesn’t appear on the public view). 


The other thing we saw was coaches building basic web pages to tell the world about what they were doing, and then either deliver them PDF downloads or direct them to another website. This didn’t seem efficient to us. Out of this, public pages for both coaches and programs was born.

A coach can build website type pages to promote their offering, directly in Fitr and for no extra cost. About us, meet the coaches, program listing, testimonials, benefits, FAQs and media. Each page has a unique URL (soon to be customisable) that can be shared where-ever the coach desires.


After researching more closely, we found that often coaches might have their own set of clients, as well as collaborating with other coaches under a brand name or being part of a gym set up. No one wants multiple log-ins for each account so on Fitr Training we built the whole structure of the platform on the ability for coaches to create and be a part of as many brands and gyms as they wished to. There’s no addition in the cost for how many are linked in, nor how many clients are coached.

Since launching this feature, we’ve even seen larger brands segment into sub-brands so they can control; the coaches within each one, the payment terms, program offerings and client base. How do you switch between each? Simply head to the top menu, select the profile and switch account. Simple. Coming soon, you’ll also be able to link in client accounts. Just because you’re a coach, doesn’t mean you’re not a client. Soon you’ll be able to have everything under one login.


No coach wants to have to manage a separate payment system for their clients. Not only is it cumbersome, but what happens if you don’t see that a client payment has bounced, and they keep getting their programming? Or, you waste time programming and don’t realise the client has decided to cancel their subscription?

On Fitr Training, we handle it all. Client payments, automatic bank transfers, warnings for missed payments, blocking access to clients if they fail to rectify missed payments and so on. There is absolutely no need to have separate go cardless or anything like that if you’re running through Fitr Training.

You can see the full range of features at Fitr.Training