Collection: Gym Rig & Power Rack Storage

In need of some storage to accompany your gym rig, squat rack or power rack? We offer a range of attachments suitable for our power & squat racks, gym rigs and squat stands. Our utility weight pegs are great for attaching to your rack to store all your weight plates, helping keep them within an arms reach. Our j-hooks (also known as barbell rests) are made from UHMW plastic inserts to protect your bars knurling from damage, whilst resting on your squat stand or rack. Or when not add a barbell holder to store your weightlifting bar vertically on the rack. We also offer a range collar bins to help store all your barbell collars on your squat station. If your in need of storage shelves for your rack, we have wide range of shelves for all your gym essentials including; bumper plate storage shelf for storing your weight plates, sandbag storage shelf for storing your sandbags, kettlebell storage shelf for storing your kettlebells, dumbbell storage for storing your dumbbells and a ball storage shelf for storing medicine balls, slam balls and wall balls.