Collection: Barbell Storage

We offer a range of barbell storage solutions that will allow you to store your weightlifting bars effectively. If you you want to keep your barbell elevated then our wall mounted barbell storage systems are what you need. Our wall mounted barbell hanger is great way to store all your bars vertically on the wall. It can hold up to four barbells and has proven to be very popular within home gyms. Our wall mounted hex bar hanger has been designed to store our hex bar (also known as ‘trap bar’ or ‘shrug bar’). The hex bar hangs horizontally against the wall, allowing you to free up space within your training environment. Our wall mounted multi-storage rack can store up to three barbells as well as medicine balls and resistance bands. Our barbell gun rack is also mounted to the wall and can store up to five weightlifting bars. A great way to keep your barbells elevated and out of the way when your not using them. We also offer a range of rig mounted bar holders for our gym rigs, squat racks and power racks. We have both single and double bar holders which can be mounted to our Goliath Series and Samson Series. Our bar holders will store your bars vertically on the rack or you can keep them stored horizontally on our barbell rests;  Utility J-Hooks or Goliath Premium Sandwich Style J-Hooks. We also offer a range of free standing barbell storage systems helping keep your barbells stored vertically. Our 9 bar holder can store up to nine barbells whether it be your speciality bar or Olympic bar, likewise our 5 bar vertical holder can store up to five barbells and like our 9 bar holder is capable of storing our speciality bars and Olympic barbells. Our weights tree with barbell holders is great way to store both your weight plates and weighted bars.