BLK BOX MYOThrusta Lying Leg Press

Meet the BLK BOX MyoThrusta Lying Leg Press

BLK BOX MyoThrusta Leg Press

We are delighted to announce we are now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the MyoThrusta lying leg press. 

Manufactured from start to finish at BLK BOX HQ in Belfast, the BLK BOX MyoThrusta Lying Leg Press has been specifically designed to full muscle activation throughout the leg press movement, from full flexion to full extension. In addition, by positioning the athlete in a lying position, the movement is able to effectively isolate the leg extensors, and allow for the athletes spine, hips and knees to comfortably manage the compressive forces generated during the press. 

Ideal for strength training or rehabilitation, the MyoThrusta can be easily adjusted to offer three distinctive resistance profiles, adding more options to your training or recovery. Using a locking pin system, the resistance at varying stages of the movement can be manipulated to provide differing muscle stimulus or activation.

We'll take a look below at how the BLK BOX MyoThrusta Lying Leg Press works, and how it is made.

 BLK BOX MyroThrusta

How does it work?

Traditional methods of developing and strengthening these leg extensors include the barbell squat, or the conventional leg press. While each of these movements has their advantages they also have limitations. Neither movements adequately exercises the muscles from full flexion to full extension, and can lead to issues associated with adverse loading and excessive shear forces in the lumbar region and knee joints.

In addition, when athletes attempt heavy loads with these traditional movements, they often restrict themselves to modest degrees of hip and knee flexion. This is caused by muscles resistance to load decreasing, as the joints flexion increases. By contrast, the BLK BOX MyoThrusta ensures the effective load on these joints is reduced as the joints as flexed, and increases as they are extended.

This benefit is achieved through the footplate, the movement arc of which is designed to closely follow the path that the feet would normally traverse when moved from flexion to extension. This movement arc also creates a natural tendency for the two joint angles to vary synchronously, effectively sharing the load throughout the exercise. Finally, the natural movement of this motion ensures no dorsiflexion of the ankle.

What are the pin settings and what do they change?

The MyoThrusta features various pin settings that can be used to modify the starting position, and therefore resistance of the movement. These 7 distinct options allow each athlete or coach to quickly set their desired position using the adjustment bar. Please note this adjustment must be completed when the machine is in an unloaded state. 

When the pin is in the low range, the effective load is greatly increased from start to finish of the movement. This setting is ideal for practising explosive or ballistic movements. When utilising heavy loads there is a 'ballistic braking' effect towards the end of the movement, removing the need for the athlete to decelerate their movement.

Alternatively, when the pin is in the medium range, the effective load from start to finish is designed to match the body's capacity to handle resistance. At this setting the athlete has to expand the same degree of effort throughout the movement.

Finally, the high range setting. This pin position is perfect for when focusing on overcoming inertia, i.e., moving a heavy load from a position of rest. If the athletes objective if to improve performance of the barbell squat, the additional initial loading conditions allow the leg extensors to operate more effectively in. the deep squat position. 

BLK BOX MyoThrusta
How is it made?

The BLK BOX MyoThrusta is constructed from a range of locally sourced high tensile steel. All steel is laser-cut on-site, before being welded, powder coated and assembled. A high number of parts are welded using robotic welding, while some parts require the detailed touch of our in-house welding team. High density foam padding features a highly durable vinyl leather cover, and offers a firm and secure lying position, and is easily cleaned.  

The high-density foam is also used on the shoulder pads, offering the athlete a firm and stable cushioning when pushing heavy loads. Each shoulder pad sits on a guided rail, and are easily and quickly adjusted to an athletes height using the adjuster bar. Heavy-duty roller bearings and delrin acetal rollers ensure long lasting performance from this adjustment and the zinc plated teeth guarantee no paint chipping during use.

The MyoThrusta also features a 650mm x 500mm chequered aluminium foot plate, which provides an anti-slip surface to allow athletes to effectively ground their feet. High quality bearings ensure a smooth and comfortable motion. Combined with the high density upholstery, these features generate a stable platform enhancing athlete experience, encouraging high performance, and enabling the user to focus on the exercise.

The design of the MyoThrusta offers a number of bolt-to-ground tab options. Using M10 sleeve anchors the MyoThrusta can be bolted to the ground for additional stability and security.

The BLK BOX MyoThrusta is coated in our signature textured anti-scratch powdercoat finish, and is available in our 9 standard colours. It enters our internal industrial paint line, going through various stages of washing, drying, and painting before coming out freshly baked. For any queries on colours please do not hesitate to contact us.