Creating The Elite Experience For Everyone At Rehab 4 Performance

Creating The Elite Experience For Everyone At Rehab 4 Performance

Rehab 4 Performance was born from 20 years at the forefront of elite performance and a shared passion to deliver a professional-grade sports injury rehab and performance clinic for the public. Leading some of the best players in the world from injury to peak performance during their time working as Head of Rehabilitation and Head of Physiotherapy at Liverpool FC and having access to the best facilities and professionals, founders Matt Konopinski and Chris Morgan were inspired to create a similar environment, accessible to all.

Chris and Matt approached BLK BOX having been impressed with the quality and finish of our products and felt we best complemented their vision creating a versatile training space that represented performance and rehabilitation. With measure – train- remeasure being a key element of this project, both in rehabilitation and performance, we worked closely with the client to design a bespoke space to match their requirements and provide an elite training experience.

For the Strength & Conditioning space we added 2 Custom Branded BLK BOX Samson Compact Racks with various Samson attachments – Smith Machine, Rig Mounted Hip Thruster and Jammer Arms, all carefully designed and engineered with high performance in mind. This space wouldn’t be complete without all the BLK BOX essentials - BLK BOX HD Bumper Weight Plates, Barbells, Urethane Kettlebells, Hex Dumbbells, Slam Balls, Sandbags, and Soft Plyo Boxes - to match all training needs. We also worked closely with Matt and Chris to provide a bespoke flooring solution with our Agility Turf and integrating force plates, fulfilling a specific client requirement for “Markerless Motion Analysis.”

We’re proud we could share R4P’s vision and play our part in creating an elite facility for all.


“Everybody who enters the facility loves it almost as much as we do. Having worked in elite sport we feel we have been able to recreate a gym/rehab space that you normally only find at the very top of professional sport. And when it is alive with clients, we love how it feels personal and welcoming but at the same time packed with an arsenal of equipment which means we can give our R4P patients / clients / athletes the very best of what is currently available to anybody in the world from an athlete health and Performance perspective. “

 - Chris Morgan (Co-Founder & Director at Rehab 4 Performance)


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