BLK BOX Small group training pod- socially distanced

Small Group Training, Socially Distanced

With lockdown restrictions easing and some gyms getting the 'go ahead' to open, it’s important to stay vigilant and be aware of the ways in which you can stay safe in the gym. This can be achieved in a number of ways including regular hand washing and sanitising with the BLK BOX Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, strict cleaning protocols, reduced members with designated areas and times for workouts. Social distancing still plays a massive role in the prevention of Covid19, but this doesn’t mean your training should be restricted.

Personal and small group training sessions can still safely go ahead with the use of our Small Group Training Pods or Goliath PT Pods. Each pod will act as a self-contained training area, allowing multiple clients to train simultaneously in their own pods, with enough space between the pods to ensure social distancing, giving both coaches and clients peace of mind. 

Within an arm's reach... 

With the pod systems, each client will be assigned their own dedicated space in the gym for the duration of their workout and will be given access to their own equipment, meaning shared weights and equipment will be a thing of the past. Clients can complete a full and varied workout, with built-in areas for clutter-free storage of wall balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, so floor space can be maximised.

Small Group Training, Socially Distanced

For group classes, it may be useful to mark out the floor using the BLK BOX Line Marking Tape, chalk or paint to create designated areas for each user and ensure any required equipment is contained within the area to avoid unnecessary trips around the gym. 

Small Group Training, Socially Distanced 

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